Emails in LiveStream

E-Mail settings in LiveStream can be enabled in one of two ways. The two options are at the foot of the E-Mail settings window and are configured thus:


This option allows you to set up LiveStream to send notifications via your SMTP server. If you don't have one then it is possible to sign up to a service like SendGrid

Note: You can use any SMTP server you like but if you find e-mails aren't coming through then please check first that the SMTP service has a correctly configured PTR and also your e-mails aren't going into your junk or spam folder before getting in touch with PlayoutONE Support.


Your SMTP server. This can be IP or DNS name e.g:


The port your SMTP provider uses. This could be a variety of different numbers from 25 for non SSL to 465 for SSL. Check with your SMTP provider.


Tick this if your provider requires a secure connection.


The username required to access your SMTP server account.


The password required to access your SMTP server account.

From Name

The name that will appear on the sent e-mails. You can leave this blank and the e-mail you provide in the From E-Mail field will be used instead.

From E-Mail

The e-mail address which these e-mails will be from.

Subject when silence detected

E-mail subject when silence is detected e.g: Silence Detected

Subject when audio returns

E-mail subject when audio has returned e.g: Audio Returned

Send to E-Mail

E-mail address to send these notifications to. For multiple emails simply separate addresses with a comma e.g:,

Typical issues when e-mails won't send include making sure that you have the correct SMTP Port set and that you are using SSL if your SMTP provider requires it.

2. Send through PlayoutONE Monitor

This option allows you to leverage Monitor to handle the e-mail notifications. Useful if you've already set up Monitor to do this as it means you don't have to enter all your SMTP details in again in LiveStream, and if any detail changes like your SMTP password, then you only need to update it in Monitor.

SQL Server

This is the server you want to connect to including the SQL instance (default localhost\P1SQLExpress).

SQL Database

The database you want to connect to (default PlayoutONE_Standard).

Email To

The e-mail address that notifications are sent to e.g:

Multi Station (PlayoutONE Pro only)

If you have a multi station setup then the station you want to deal with will be listed here. You just need to select it.

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