You can personalise your e-mail notifications from LiveStream with a logo of your choosing. By default, the logo is the PlayoutONE LiveStream logo, but changing it is simply a case of choosing it and setting the width you want it to appear. There is no height setting as the aspect ratio of the logo will determine the height from the width.


You can alter the width simply by setting the value in the field from 0 to a maximum of 500. This value is the pixels the logo width would take up (default 0 which is the width of the actual logo).

Reset Logo

Ditches the current logo and sets it back to the default LiveStream logo.

Choose Logo

Opens a file browser for you to choose the logo you want. We recommend a logo which isn't larger than 500 pixels in width and isn't taller than it is wide. Most common image file types are allowed like JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP etc.

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