License (PRO)

Note: These instructions are for a PlayoutONE Pro setup.

When running the PlayoutONE Pro system licensing for all products is handled by Monitor. You need to make sure that LiveStream is set to access the correct machine that Monitor is running on in order for LiveStream to be licensed.

Monitor Machine

Either the IP address or DNS name of the machine hosting Monitor (default localhost).

Monitor Port

This is the port which the Monitor license system uses to communicate with applications (default 1072).


Information pertaining to the state of the license and if there are any issues.

Apply License

Manually apply the license settings and attempt to refresh the license.

Release License

Manually release the license from the system. Useful if you're wanting to switch LiveStream to another machine quickly.

Minimise to System Tray

If you check this option then when LiveStream is minimised it will be minimised to the system tray rather than the taskbar. Like all apps on the system, tray LiveStream can be restored by double-clicking on the icon in the system tray.

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