Widgets can be accessed by right-clicking on the log, then choosing Widgets then the name of the Widget itself, checking an option will display a widget, simply click it again to hide the widget, or close the window which has opened.

All of the widgets are draggable and resizable, so you can place them in any location you want, and scale them to any size

Current Player Time Remaining

This shows you the time of the current player remaining

On-Air Dashboard

This displays:

  • the current track which is playing
  • your automation mode
  • the time left on the cart
  • the chain status of the current playing item
  • a play-next button

Voice Tracking

This opens the voice tracking widget, you can use this to insert and record a voice track into the log

Mix Player

Opens the mix player, this is used via the Mix player command where you can have multiple carts or audio elements playing in sequence

The mix player doesn't have to be open for a Mix Play command to run, however, it allows you to see the progress of what is happening during playback

From here you can also fade out what the mix player is playing

Stop Mix player

This is to stop the above mix player, pressing this option will stop anything which is playing the Mix player

Network player

This allows you to see your network player, this will be used via the Network player command, it works the same as the Mix player

The only difference with this is that it will play all elements over the top of each other rather than queuing them after each other like the Mix player.

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