License (Standard)

Note: These instructions are for a PlayoutONE Standard setup.

To license LiveStream you need to have your e-mail and licence code handy. If you don't yet have a code then you can purchase one from our website

License Email

This is the e-mail address you used to purchase your LiveStream license.

License Code

This is the code you were supplied on purchasing your license. It should look something like this 5AE0AE7A-6F4F-5BCA-A052-7AC527741686.

Apply License

Applies the license you have entered to LiveStream. This locks this license to your computer. You cannot use this license again on any other machine unless you release it first.

Release License

This releases the license from this computer. It also unlicenses LiveStream and puts it back into trial mode. This allows you to transfer the license from one machine to another.

Secure or Non Secure

You should always go with Secure on this option. If for some reason the license fails to apply then try Non-Secure. If it fails after that then the problem will be elsewhere.

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