Advanced Rename

The Advanced Rename allows you to split up parts of a filename using a separator and re-organise it when renaming.


To use the Advanced Rename, you need to define the separator in your original filename. For example, if the filename was American-Top-40-Seg-1.mp3 then we would choose the - as the separator.

Testing The Separator 

Enter an example filename and test the separator. This will retrieve the different parts of the filename in a numbered list.

Filename Parts

Type the number from the parts list to form the final filename. In the example below, we have chosen 3,4 which would give us Seg4 as the final filename


You can choose to replace text within the new filename with something else.

Date Copy

You can choose to only have FileCopy move or copy the file if one of the filename parts contains specific date.
The Date Part must contain the number of the filename part that contains the date.
The Offset counter allows you to add or subtract days from the current time that FileCopy runs the job. For example, running the job on Saturday 2nd December and setting the offset to 2, would test for a date of Monday 4th December.

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