Get statistics from the connected stream

By default the statistics which are shown on the main screen of LiveStream, on each encoder, are pulled from the stream/server the encoder is connected to.

Get statistics from a specific URL

If you select this option then you can specify which stream/server you wish to connect to in order to obtain the statistics for this encoder.

Choosing this reveals some more settings:

Server Type

LiveStream can connect to IceCast 1 & 2, ShoutCast v1 and ShoutCast v2 servers. You set your statistic server type here.

Server Hostname or IP

The DNS name or IP address of your statistic server.


This is the port for this streaming server endpoint providing the statistics.

SID / Mount Point

The SID (ShoutCast) or Mount Point (IceCast) for your statistic server endpoint.


This is the password for your SID / Mount Point.

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