The destination tab controls where the file that FileCopy is processing ends up.


Folder / Auto Importer Choose to send the file to a folder or directly to an Auto Importer Profile.
Destination Set the folder for the file to be delivered to or the Auto Importer Profile.
Copy / Move Choose whether to copy or move the file.


Ignore Files / Copy Files Select whether the exclusions you detail in this section should stop the file from being processed or only processes files that meet the exclusion criteria.
[Don't / Copy] Files Begininning With Sets whether files beginning with certain characters should or shouldn't be processed.
[Don't / Copy] Files If Less Than Sets where the files meeting certain size criteria should be or shouldn't be processed.
[Don't / Copy] if type Allows you to control where you process a file based on the PlayoutONE Type the file belongs to. This setting requires the filename to be a valid UID that is present within the PlayoutONE Media Finder.

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