Additional Job Settings

Here you can set additional settings that relate to the current FileCopy Job.

Trigger Additional Jobs When a FileCopy job finishes it can also be set to trigger an additional job.
Trigger Only When Job Does Something If Trigger Additional Jobs is checked, then FileCopy will trigger the additional jobs selected, but only if the first job did something. For example, if the 1st FileCopy Job is set to watch a folder for a specific file every minute, it would only trigger the additional job when it found that file, not every minute.
Send Command To PlayoutONE Before This Job Before triggering the additional job, FileCopy can send a command to PlayoutONE first. To select the command to send, click back to the source tab and select the command from the PlayoutONE Command tab. You should see a little bell icon on the PlayoutONE Command tab to show that this will be sent first.
Email If There Is A Problem FileCopy can email a number of recipients if there is a problem with the FileCopy job. A problem in FileCopy consists of a failed FTP download or if a file does not exist to be copied. Email alerts are restricted to 1 per hour. 
Reschedule This Job If There Is A Problem If FileCopy encounters a problem with the Job, it can reschedule it to run at a later time.

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