Mixdown and CueSheet

A mixdown allows you to save a section of the log as a fully combined WAV or MP3 file, this file also fades and ducks audio as if it was played on-air.

Creating a mixdown

To perform a Mixdown simply right click on the log and choose Mixdown

When the window opens you can select where you would like to save the file

Beneath that you can then select what format you would like the file to be saved in (either WAV or MP3)

You can then select a range of time you would like the Mixdown to be for.

To create the Mixdown simply select Start Mixdown, PlayoutONE will then load all of the audio and work on generating a file for you

Mixdown markers

You can add Mixdown markers within the log, this will split the Mixdown at that point. Mixdown Markers work forward, so any log section after the mixdown marker will have those parameters applied to it. 

To insert a marker right click on the log and choose Insert>Marker>Mixdown Break

When doing this you will be asked to specify a file name and format, along with the folder where you would like it saving

When you have a Mixdown marker in the log if you choose Mixdown, your hour will be automatically mixed down from that mark until you either hit the end of the hour or your next mixdown break.

To Schedule, a mixdown marker in your Music Scheduling software, add a command MIXDOWN BREAK [FORMAT] [PATH] [NAME] For Example MIXDOWN BREAK [WAV] [C:\Mixdown] [Part1] or MIXDOWN BREAK [MP3] [C:\Mixdown] [Part1]

Cue Sheets

On the mixdown screen, there is an Export Cue Sheet option, this will generate a .cue file (for the items which have a Type that has CueSheet ticked under the Type Manager)

This cue sheet can be used by PlayoutONE and can cause metadata to be sent out whilst the file is playing which will override the name of the current playing track

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