Social Media

You can set up Social Media posts to go out at a specific time to Facebook and/or Twitter by adding them to the log. 

Adding social media

  1. Press the Social Media button on the top of the log window, when you do this a window will appear allowing you to type in the content of your message.
  2. You will also see two checkboxes, one for Twitter and one for Facebook, select which service you would like to post your message to.
  3. Press Save. When that point is reached in the log your post will be sent.
Example Post Content: Join me James until 10pm here on Classic Hits

Inserting tags

Rather than just having static text you can have dynamic text which will change, this can be setup using the Insert Tag button

To insert a tag:

  1. Press the Insert Tag button
  2. Select what Tag you would like:
    1. Log Title - This will be the Title of the specific item you select
    2. Log Artist - This will be the Artist of the specific item you select
  3. Select the type of tag, this will give you a drop-down to select which one of your item Types would you like to use
  4. Select what item you would like the tag to use:
    1. Now - This will use the song that is immediately after the command
    2. Log position - This will look for that item ahead in time. i.e. A log position of 2 would return the song two items from where the log post is
  5. Press Save

You can insert multiple tags if required

Example Post Content: Coming up in the next 5 minutes on Classic Hits we have %%LOG_SONG_TITLE_2%% by %%LOG_SONG_ARTIST_2%%! It's a song not to miss

Saving social media as a command

To make it easier to send a social post, later on, you can easily save it as a command.

To do this press the Save as Command button, this will then prompt you to give the command a Friendly Name, after doing this you can then insert the command into the log at a later date to send out the same social media post. 

Note: Please make sure you have setup Facebook and Twitter integration in Monitor otherwise you won't be able to select the checkboxes

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