Print Missing Audio Report

To see a report of any missing audio (those being carts that have been scheduled but have since been removed from the system) you can press the Missing Report button on the top toolbar of the log (this button looks like a flag).

After pressing this you will be asked to pick from the following selections: 

  • Date Range:
    • Today
    • Tomorrow
    • Range of Dates
  • Missing items:
    • Just Spots / Commercials
    • Just Songs & Production
    • Everything

You also have the option to choose a different font 

After making the above selection you can press the Print button to obtain a report, this will then show a preview of the report for you on screen, you can then press Print again to send it to a printer of your choice. You can also run this report from WebVT®, or have it emailed to you each time a log is imported within Auto Importer.

Example report:

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