DSP or VST Plugin screen not showing when clicking the 'Show' button

Some users experience a problem when trying to access the configuration settings for either DSP or VST plugins in LiveStream.

If you find that when you click the Show Selected Plugin Config button nothing happens you need to make sure the plugin file you have chosen has not been blocked by Windows 10.

What is Blocking?

Windows 10 has a lovely unwanted feature, that pretty much blocks every ruddy thing you download. You may not have noticed this before since it only has an adverse effect from file type to file type.

So, for example, a music file will pretty much be okay. It will play, but if you try an alter the file, update the metadata etc - you will find it can't be updated. This in PlayoutONE would result in an alert on the screen warning you and results in a puzzled look on your face.

You can have the same problem with DSP and VST DLL files. It all works on the surface, but try and raise the config screen and sod all happens.

How to Unblock and regain some sanity

So in order to unblock a file, you simply right click and uncheck the  Unblock tick box and either click the OK or Apply button. It really is that simple.

You will have to restart LiveStream however for this to take effect.

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