Connecting to Serial / COM ports

From within Data Controller's Settings > Integrations window, you can choose to interact with different com devices. These devices can be used to receive or send commands. 

Serial port Dropdown box to select the COM port to listen for commands on.
Enabled Opens or closes the COM port for commands to be sent and received.
Device Choose the serial device you will be communicating with.
Send Carriage Return Sends a carriage return at the end of each command sent. Some devices such as the Barix hardware need this to be checked so they know where a command stops.
Replace Characters  When checked, the replace parameters will become active
Characters To Replace

Type the characters to replace in this box. This is useful when you are receiving commands from two identical hardware boxes.

Both boxes may send a command of SOP A,1,1,1,1 however you want to trigger different PlayoutONE commands for each different box. 

Characters To Replace With In the example above, we can replace SOP A with SOP B so that we can identify commands coming from each box and act upon them accordingly.

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