Connecting to AudioScience GPIO

Data Controller can set and read GPIOs from the following AudioScience Soundcard range:

ASI6714 ASI6718 ASI6720 ASI6722 ASI6744
ASI5810 ASI5811 ASI5812 ASI6740 ASI6788

Responding to GPIO

In the Command Matrix build the command using the ASI command builder.

Just select the GPI you wish to respond to and which state (on or off).

GPIO commands

In PlayoutONE you need to create a predefined command. The command structure is:


'ID' will be the Data Controller ID of the device you want to control.

For example:

  • To turn GPIO 1 on, use the command 'ASI_5 1.ON'
  • To turn GPIO 1 off, use the command 'ASI_5 1.OFF'
  • To pulse GPIO1 for 500 milliseconds, use the command 'ASI_5 1.PULSE.500'.

Time is only required as part of a command when sending a pulse.

Turning on / off 

If you wish to turn the GPIO Card On or Off, use the command 'ASI_5 OFF' or 'ASI_5 ON'.

With ASI cards, the GPIO number starts at 0, therefore, GPIO 1 actually is seen as 0 in the software.

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