Selective Groups

Selective Group(s) comes in very useful where you need to choose which commands you want to respond to. For example, if a station takes syndicated satellite programming during the morning show, they only want to act upon commands for this satellite during this time. We want to ignore any other commands from any other satellite providers that may be connected to our switcher. This is where Selective Group(s) comes in.

Command Groups

When setting up Commands in the Command Matrix make sure to group commands together using the same Group. For example:

For all ESPN commands set the Group to be ESPN
For all NewsTalk commands set the Group to be NEWSTALK

Setting Selective Group(s)

To turn Selective Group(s) on for PlayoutONE, toggle the Selective toggle button to ON within the Settings->Station tab

Changing Selective Group(s) Commands

Within PlayoutONE, create as many commands as you need to swap the active Selective Group(s) between different Command Groups.

DC SELECTIVE MODE XXX (Swap XXX for the Command Group). For example, DC SELECTIVE MODE NEWSTALK allows commands part of the NEWSTALK group to be processed.

To look at multiple commands groups use a comma. For example,  DC SELECTIVE MODE NEWSTALK,ESPN this will allow Data Controller to process any commands part of the NEWSTALK or ESPN group

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