Managing categories in PlayoutONE

There is no limit to how many categories you can create to organize your PlayoutONE library.

Unless you are using an external music scheduler, these are organised via the Category Manager. You can access this via the launcher.

🗂️ Adding, editing and removing categories

To add a category, add its name in the category name box, choose a unique code and then choose 'Add'If you are using MusicMaster, the code must be three-digits.

To edit the name of a category, double click on the category you wish to edit and you can then type in a new name for it.

To remove a category, highlight the category you wish to remove and then press the trash icon.

🔀 Shuffling categories

When using AutoDJ, the shuffle percentage is used to calculate when the category should be shuffled.

The percentage denotes that when x% of songs have played in the category, shuffle it.

After you have finished making changes be sure to press the 'Save' button

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