Stream bitrate being exceeded on Icecast

This is an interesting issue because it's the result of Icecast not supporting AAC as per their FAQ

Icecast will take an AAC or AAC-HE stream but it passes it through without any handling. What then happens is you get a fluctuating bitrate which isn't a fault of the encoder software, or LiveStream in this case. If you're streaming to Icecast via a Centovacast system then every 60 seconds a check is done on the bitrates. If your total bitrate of all your mount points are over your streaming account bitrate limit at the point of checking then you are immediately shut off and e-mailed by the Centova system.

There are a few options to circumvent this problem:

  1. If you want to use AAC then stream to a compatible stream service like ShoutCast v2.
  2. Ask your streaming provider to increase your limit to accommodate AAC not being supported by Icecast.
  3. Change to MP3. Whilst the Icecast FAQ states MP3 isn't supported, tests we have performed have shown bitrates to be stable on our own Icecast streaming server.

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