VT & Commands Tab

Setting Name Description
Voice Track ID Prefix This is the Prefix that will be used for any Voice Tracks recorded within PlayoutONE. This does not affect WebVT® voicetracks.
Pre Audition This is the length of time in seconds that you will hear of the ending of the tracks you are voicetracking out of
Don't search for existing audio when recording voice tracks Normally voice tracks will start with the number 1 and keep on counting up, as voice tracks are deleted over time (via the purge option you can set below), PlayoutONE will always look for the next free slot starting from the beginning.
Voice Track filetype This allows you to specify what format you would like voice track to be recorded in
You can pick between:
  • Record as Uncompressed WAV
  • Record as High-Quality MP3
Normalise voice tracks This will perform normalization on the Voice Tracks when they are recorded
Lock hour when saving VT When a voice track is inserted the hour will be automatically locked from being overwritten by AutoImporter
Only start recording voice tracks after the second click Normally voice tracks will start recording your microphone straight away, instead of recording dead air at the start, if you check this option it will only start recording your microphone on the second click.
Purge old voice tracks after X days After this period of time, Voice Tracks will be moved to the recycle bin.
Note: This is the number of days after the voice track last played not when it was recorded.
When recording a VT, and speech is detected, automatically duck audio The amount in % terms to duck the music by when recording a voice track. You'll only hear this ducking come into affect when you start speaking. This also affects WebVT® recording.
VT Counter This is an internal counter for PlayoutONE to store the last voice track ID that was recorded
Quick key ID Prefix This is used with the Quick Record function as part of the Quick Keys, this is the prefix that Quick key recorded files will have
Quick key Record Type This is the type that any Quick Record files are saved as by default this is set to Quick Record

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