RunToTime Tab

For a full description of how the RunToTime command works see this article here: RunToTime

Setting Name Description
Allow RunToTime to stretch no more than X% This instructs the RunToTime command it is not allowed to stretch more than this percentage.
By default, this is set to 2%. Stretching can work + or - (speed up or slow down)
Only AutoFill if the GapTime is larger than X seconds This determines if an item will be added to an hour that is running under. 
Setting this to 0 will disable this limit and will autofill regardless of the gap time
Don't AutoFill more than X items This sets a limit on the number of items that can be auto-filled if the hour is running under, 
When AutoFading don't fade more than X seconds This sets the maximum amount of time that can be faded off any one item. Item must be marked as a fade for this setting to apply to an item.
Drop only when the overrun is more than X seconds This sets the minimum overrun you need to be at before songs are dropped
Fill Set Type This is part of the AutoFill set, this is the Type of carts that will be looked for
Fill Set Category This is part of the AutoFill set, this is the Category of carts (of the above type) that will be looked for
Enable Fade Manager This enables a Fade manager option in the top control bar of PlayoutONE. When this enabled the hour will be constantly checked to see what tracks can be faded
Ignore Drop Rule Turning this on allows the Fade Manager and RunToTime to drop items even if they're surrounded by types that aren't allowed to be dropped

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