Splits Tab

The Splits tab contains settings for stations that have a Split setup:

Master IP / Hostname, Port This is the hostname and port of the master machine that is acting as the controller for splits
Tick Don't allow connection requests to prevent any split machines talking to this one. By default, the port is 7002
Data controller port
Receive incoming commands
This is the port that PlayoutONE will open so that Data Controller can send commands to PlayoutONE
By default, this port is set to 7003 and the option to Receive incoming commands is ticked, otherwise, Data Controller will be unable to talk to PlayoutONE
Remote Command Dela
This is the delay between remote commands, we recommend setting this to 1 millisecond to remove any delay when processing them
Max Clients The maximum clients is the maximum amount of connections allowed to the machine, we recommend setting this to 15
Process incoming Split Commands Enables the machine to process split commands that are sent to it by the master.
Stretch Command Threshold This is used in conjunction with STRETCH START and STRETCH END Markers and sets the maximum stretch % that is allowed. 
Surface password This is the password that will be needed if you are connecting to PlayoutONE via the PlayoutONE Surface application
Socket API Port TCP See Socket API
Socket API Port UDP See Socket API
HTTP Server Port  See HTTP API. Also used by WebVT┬« to communicate with the On-Air Machine.
Multi Station ID This is used if you are part of a Multi Station setup, this will have been preconfigured by the PlayoutONE Support team during your installation.

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