The SQL tab contains SQL and Isolation mode settings for PlayoutONE:

Server Name The SQL Server name. By default, this is set to SERVER\P1SQLExpress *
Database The SQL Database to connect to. By default, this is set to PlayoutONE_Standard (even for PlayoutONE Pro Databases)
Username The SQL Username to connect to the SQL Server. By default, this is set to playoutone_apps *
Password The SQL Password to connect to the SQL Server *
Max Memory This is used to define the maximum amount of memory that is allocated to the SQL Database Instance, by default this setting will be set to the maximum amount of RAM available in your server computer. This should only be changed under guidance from PlayoutONE Support. *
Enable Isolation Mode This is used to enable Isolation mode, for more guidance on this please refer to the Isolation mode guidance here: Isolation mode
Automatically activate Isolation Mode When checked, if PlayoutONE detected connectivity issues with the Server, Isolation Mode will be activated automatically. This will need to be manually disabled should PlayoutONE fall over to Isolation Mode.

* Any changes to these settings will require a restart of PlayoutONE

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