Bulk Operations

Within the media finder, there is an option to perform Bulk Operations across a selection of audio, this allows you to make a change to multiple carts at once.

Some Bulk Operations can take a significant amount of time to perform so we would recommend performing these on a non-on-air machine.

Selecting Multiple Items

To select multiple items within the Media Finder, click on the first item you wish to select, and then shift-click on the last item you wish to select, alternatively, you can press CTRL+A which will select all of the items that are visible within the Media Finder

Opening Bulk Operations

To open the Bulk Operations window, either right-click on the log and choose Bulk Operations, or press the Spanner icon at the top of the Media Finder


With all Bulk operations, we recommend testing an option on a small number of carts first to ensure it will give you the result you are after.

General Operations

This page contains general settings about the cart themselves, typing a value into one of these boxes will adjust that value on the selected carts.

Choosing the Clear checkbox next to one of these will remove that value from the carts you have selected.

Dates & Times

This section allows you to set Kill Dates and Dayparts on all of the carts selected

Other Functions

This section contains other various functions that can be used for carts, they generally don't need to be used in normal circumstances, the main one which is used is Split the Title into Artist on separator, this allows you to have a title of "Artist - Title" and then split that into the Artist and Title fields for the cart.

Meta Data

This allows you to adjust the Metadata of tracks, entering values here will overwrite any meta that has been set on the cart to reflect this meta.

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