Importing External Data

This option allows you to import data from another Playout system (or another copy of PlayoutONE), to open this window right-click on the Media Finder and choose Import External Data

When you open this window you will have two options:

XML Folder

This is used for import from a system such as NexGen. Please contact PlayoutONE Support for assistance with this option.

Import file

This allows you to select either a Tab or Comma delimited file for the list of audio items you wish to import.

After selecting the above option, you can press the Analyse File button, this will try to match up the columns within the file to the data stored within PlayoutONE. You can make adjustments via choosing options from the dropdown boxes below to ensure the values match correctly. If you need assistance in matching these values please contact PlayoutONE Support for assistance.

Finally, you can specify the audio folder location when the file is processed PlayoutONE will look for that filename within that folder, and will then copy that to the PlayoutONE Audio store and import it for you. This helps to consolidate all of your tracks.

After you have setup one of these profiles you can give it a name to save it, simply type a name in the Profile box and then choose Save Profile

To start the import press Do Import, PlayoutONE will then run through all the items within your Import File and will import them into the system one by one. You will see the progress bar along the bottom of the screen reflect how far it is through this process (if you have a lot of files this can take some time).

There is a checkbox at the top of the Import window Only import items if UID already exists in the Audio library if this is a new import you want to un-check this option.

For more information see Importing Data From A File

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