The Toolbar

On the top of WebVT® is the toolbar. Here you can get access to the main functions.

The Launcher gives access to further functions like On-Air Controls, Reports, Settings and more. See the Launcher section.

Takes you to the current playing hour and item on the log.

Media Finder
Opens the Media Finder on the bottom half of the screen.

Segue Editor and Voicetrack Recorder
Opens the Segue Editor and Voicetrack Recorder on the bottom half of the screen.

Note: The Segue Editor and Media Finder cannot be both shown at the same time.

Hour Picker
Opens the calendar for you to pick the date and hour you wish to navigate the log to.

Show / Hide Station Whiteboard
Opens the floating Station Whiteboard which can be dragged and resized.

Note: If the Station Whiteboard icon is highlighted in blue it means that there is information on the whiteboard.

Upload Queue
Opens the currently uploading and queued items you have either uploaded via the Edit Audio window or voicetracks you have recorded.

Do a quick refresh of the log.

Opens the web version of Monitor. See the Monitor section.

Logs you out of WebVT®.

Note: If you have logged on using the Remember me for 30 days option then this will clear that.

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