Scheduling An Internet Feed

At times you may wish PlayoutONE to playback an internet stream. 

This could be another stations' feed or a contributor. 


The commands you need to enter into the Log or Playlist of PlayoutONE works as follows

Audio Item

The STREAM LOAD command allows you to specify the internet stream to load. Once this command is triggered in PlayoutONE, it can take around 5-10 seconds to load your stream, this is why you require something for PlayoutONE to play after it, whilst it gets the stream ready. Swap XXX for the stream E.g.

The STREAM PLAY command will play the loaded stream out of the stream player. The stream player is the thin little player next to Player 4. This will light up green when the stream is playing.

The WAIT command is designed to hold PlayoutONE up whilst your stream is playing. The reason you need a WAIT command or a Silence File is that you need PlayoutONE at some point stop your stream. Therefore, ensure the WAIT Command matches the duration of how long you want your stream to play for. Swap XXX for the duration. E.G. 01:00:00 for 1 hour. 30:00 for 30 minutes.

the STREAM FADE command will fade your stream and play the next item in the log. 

See Commands for the parameters that each of the above commands takes and how to use them

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