What is Studio Monitor?

Studio Monitor is designed to run on a different computer then PlayoutONE Monitor and report back the status of running applications. Studio Monitor can be used to monitor if PlayoutONE is running on the studio computer which may be a different computer than the one PlayoutONE Monitor is running on.

Studio Monitor can also report back to PlayoutONE Monitor audio levels for silence detection and also is home to the WebVT® LiveMIC. LiveMIC allows WebVT® Users with the appropriate permissions to broadcast live through the WebVT® browser.


Monitor PC The computer name running Monitor. For example, P1-CHITS-SRV1
Station The MultiStation associated with this version of Studio Monitor. This setting only shows when Multistation is active.
Start Studio Monitor With Windows Starts Studio Monitor with Windows.
Log Log of Events.


Application Monitoring allows you to monitor the status of a local application and report it back to PlayoutONE Monitor running on the server. Match the Application ID with the Application ID in PlayoutONE Monitor on the server, select the application to monitor, and set the Enable toggle switch to start monitoring

Silence Monitoring

Silence Monitoring sends the audio levels from the selected soundcard back to PlayoutONE Monitor on the Server. Ensure that PlayoutONE Monitor is setup to monitor [Remote Monitor] 

WebVT® LiveMIC

To Enable LiveMIC, click the Launch Button to start accepting connections. Once activated, you can select the sound devices to use for the Studio (Send), and the Presenter (Receive) feeds respectively. The Studio (Send) sends the output of the studio to the WebVT® User. The Presenter (Recieve) is the audio sent by the WebVT® user.

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