Version 4.8

Version 4.8 July 2020
Notice Please note that moving forward from v4.08, PlayoutONE will no longer install on Windows 7, x86 or machines with less than 8GB Ram.
New PlayoutONE Pro: If a child rotate doesn't contain a title then the parent title is shown in the log instead.
New PlayoutONE Pro: New setting under LOG to always show the Parent Rotate Title rather than the Child Rotate Title.
New PlayoutONE Pro: Items that are played away from the log are now added to the reconcile table.
New PlayoutONE: The item history window now remembers the last range that was set.
New PlayoutONE Pro: Tooltips for Child Rotate carts now shows the Parent Rotate Title and UID if you hover over the R icon.
New PlayoutONE: The log, playlist and edit audio window has been optimised for smaller screens
New PlayoutONE Pro: New option under LOG to restrict users only to Soft Delete.
New PlayoutONE Pro: If Mixdown markers are found in the log then when clicking on Mixdown, PlayoutONE will mixdown straight away.
New PlayoutONE: When using the external importer the LastEdited column is now updated to trigger updates to Nexus.
New PlayoutONE: New mass changer option to update LastEdited time.
New PlayoutONE Pro: There is a new setting to disable a machine from being able to take On Air control.
New WebVT®: The PlayoutONE keyboard is now compatible with WebVT®.
New WebVT®: Audio can now be 'blanked' from the edit audio window.
New WebVT®: Hit And Soft Markers can now be inserted into the log from WebVT®.
New WebVT®: Playlist icon has been removed in favour of the WebVT® menu buttons now working by toggling the playlist view.
New WebVT®: The log out button has been moved to the end of the toolbar.
New WebVT®: There is now a DUCK button which automatically ducks any triple stack that has ducking enabled on it.
New Monitor: New reconcile menu and options for PlayoutONE Pro
New Monitor: Now handles all metadata writing instead of PlayoutONE Pro.
New Auto Importer: New option to make an Import recursive for looking in folders within folders.
New Auto Importer: New option to merge up to three log files together based on an order column
Fix PlayoutONE Pro: An issue the starting the log automatically when starting up PlayoutONE
Fix PlayoutONE: Album field max length was too short in the database
Fix PlayoutONE Pro: Segue editor wasn't respecting the 'Don't lock this file' setting.
Fix PlayoutONE Standard: Quick Keys command list wasn't being populated properly for new installations.
Fix PlayoutONE Pro: Time stretch command had an error when calculating oversweeps.
Fix PlayoutONE Pro: Various Music Master refinements for reconciliation.
Fix PlayoutONE Pro: Log scrolling had become broken in version 4.7 for some customers.
Fix WebVT®: Gap time was flashing on certain occasions.
Fix WebVT®: To accommodate the stack player, hour notes and whiteboard now shows at half height.
Fix WebVT®: Sorting by last played in the media finder blanked the media finder.
Fix WebVT®: When saving an audio item, WebVT® wasn't checking to make sure the Extro was less than the Trim Out
Fix WebVT®: If a log hadn't been scheduled then you couldn't manually add items to an empty hour.
Fix WebVT®: Chrome memory limit fixed for large files.
Fix WebVT®: Newer bookmarks were sometimes not showing
Fix WebVT®: If the cache detects corruption, WebVT® now re-downloads the cache after 20seconds.
Fix Monitor: Silence detection was missing in 4.7 for PlayoutONE Standard customers.

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