Version 4.7

Version 4.7 May 2020
New Dark & Light mode can now be set to change with Sunset & Sunrise for Pro Customers.
New Child rotate carts can now be added to parents direct from the child cart.
New LiveStream's meters now go red to indicate the Emergency File is playing.
New LiveStream can now be controlled via HTTP and Socket connections. Commands are detailed here
New Replace from Category and Artist now shows next play as well as last play.
New There is now an option in PlayoutONE to choose which format to convert M4a file to (Wav or Mp3).
New FileCopy now has the option to send MetaData to AutoImporter for downloaded items.
New FileCopy now has the option to upload files to a FTP Site.
New FileCopy settings are now stored in the SQL Database rather than registry.
New MissingCopy, BalanceReport and Emails have had their templates upgraded.
New Right click menu on the Log/Playlist has been re-organsised to compact options.
New WebVT® now shows QuickKeys.
New The PlayoutONE calendar in Pro now shows hours as red if they are not scheduled.
New WebVT® has a new STOP button within the OnAir Controls.
New WebVT® now updates the GapTime every 1 second.
New WebVT® now allows dragging in from the Media Finder.
New When exporting a file from PlayoutONE you now have the ability to choose a variety of different formats.
New Monitor now has a new Schedule dashboard for Pro Customers.
New Serial Data Reciever now has an option to not process commands that were sent close together.
Fix In PlayoutONE Pro, if the taskbar was set to hide, then the right click menu would not show.
Fix If you added a new item to PlayoutONE and didn't set a category then it would not show on the Media Finder.
Fix The Log in PlayoutONE Pro didn't auto scroll when dragging in the Log.
Fix Changing a UID on a cart part of a rotator then stopped that item being part of the rotator.
Fix Chrome 80.0.3987 broke the segue editor in WebVT® versions older than February 2020.
Fix M4As would not import when non consolidation wasn't ticked.
Fix Replace from same category was not working as expected.
Fix When QuickRecording, the type "QuickRecord" was ticked for billboard by default.
Fix Mix Player didn't have a default device for new setups.
Fix Custom Meta wasn't always being shown correctly in the Edit Audio Window.
Fix Pressing Home In PlayoutONE Pro sometimes didn't take you to Home.
Fix QuickKeys were not dynamically updating the artist and title of newly updated carts.
Fix When restoring items from the Recycle Bin, missing items were not refereshed in the Log for PlayoutONE Pro.
Fix Filtering by category was broken by work done in 4.5.
Fix Items without an Airtime at the end of an hour were showing with Airtimes not consistent with the hour they were in.
Fix The Missing Report in 4.5 would sometimes cause PlayoutONE Pro to hang.
Fix Various daypart grids were not displaying Am/Pm in Am/Pm format countries.
Fix GAP Time was wrong when using a Tempo other than 0 for items.
Fix Scrolling through the log changed the GapTime format from Am/Pm to 24 hour.
Fix Large amounts of items in one category could slow the display of the replace from category window.
Fix Having a breaknote with a stop chain was ingored if the item before it didn't play.
New PlayoutONE can now be launched from the PlayoutONE Launcher for stations needing to connect to Multiple PlayoutONE's not using MultiStation.
New Log Snippets. Snippets allow you to create a separate log in Pro and insert it into the main log wherever you choose to. This can be useful for Sports and irregular events that you don't want to alter your music clocks for. Snippets can be loaded manually or via a command.
New Commands now work in Mixplayer and Netplayer
New Type Manager can now multiselect items.
New Using CTRL on the trash can within the Media Finder skips the recycle bin.
New Using CTRL on the trash can in the Log permanently deletes the item from the log.
New Fade times on idividual quick keys can now be set.
New Predefined Commands and Log Snippets now show in their own little window.
New SQL Backups are no longer executed from PlayoutONE Pro on first start up.
New Resolved Rotates now show a R on the log indicating the item came from a Rotate.
New PlayoutONE now supports unicode characters for all new installations.
Fix When mixing down, the mixdown window would stick if the folder didn't exist.
Fix 12AM hour marker was not showing correctly in AM/PM mode within PlayoutONE Pro Log.
Fix When minimising the external importer, it would stop importing.
Fix Changing the UID of an item wouldn't then change for exisitng scheduled items in the PlayoutONE Log.
New WebVT® now allows you to record audio in with your voicetracks using the 'Triplestack'.
New PlayoutONE now has an option to 'lock the hour' automatically from being overwritten by Auto Importer when a voice track has been commited.
New WebVT® now has the ability to edit a category on items in the media finder.
New PlayoutONE has a new option to condense bookmarks, which allows more to fit on the screen at once.
New WebVT® now handles different sized screens more efficiently.
New FileCopy Destinations now support Auto Importer profiles directly within FileCopy.
New Monitor has a new meta data ouput for Mediarealm
New Monitor has a new custom meta data ouput for HTTP post
New Monitor has a new custom meta data ouput for UDP
New Monitor has a new meta data ouput for Aiir.
New FileCopy can now reschedule a job that has failed.
New AutoImporter now has a custom failed retry time.
New AutoImporter now has a custom failed retry time.
New WebVT® shows if the hour has been locked by displaying the hour jump button in red.
New WebVT® now allows you to customise permissions on a per station level for Multi Station customers.
New Serial Data Receiver has now been renamed to Data Controller
New Data Controller has support for Wheatstone
New Data Controller has a third serial device.
New Data Controller can listen for only certain Serial Commands.
New WebVT® has a new option to 'Follow The Log' so that it can be left on screen and keep up to date with the now playing item.
New WebVT® users can now be restricted to only certain types and categories they have access to.
New Stretch Start commands have now been altered so that they accept Human Time rather than just seconds.
New Auto Importer can now set the chain of a log item based on the the end character of a UID in the log file.
Fix Copy and Paste was broken for some users in PlayoutONE Standard in 4.5
Fix When dropping the On Air connection, PlayoutONE was not dropping split connections .
Fix PLAY NEXT CUE would not work properly if there was a command before the CUE MARK
Fix Nexus integration was using Local Time instead of UTC time for Last Edited.
Fix Recording in Mono didn't always work in the edit audio window.
Fix Changing Timings of an item in WebVT® didn't update the Log.
New Data Controller now has support Axia GPIO
New WebVT® triple stack players has an option for when recording to fade active players when the next item in the log is started.
Fix WebVT® triple stack players has an option to chain players together once they have finished.
Fix PlayoutONE ASIO bugs in PlayoutONE Standard around the Voice Tracking and Stream Players
New PlayoutONE has a new command for changing the volume of the current playing item using command markers.
New LiveStream has a new command to disable or enable the silence detector remotely (e.g. from command within PlayoutONE Log).

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