Version 4.5

Version 4.5 February 2020
New Child rotate carts can now be added to parent rotators using a new browse button for easier selection.
New The Hook Next command can now be fired from a Quickkey.
New Hook Next commands now play through a new dedicated 'Mix Player'
New PlayoutONE Pro users can now enable all 4 cart players to be in use with the Log.
New Quick Keys now play rotate carts.
New Right click option on the media finder to 'Duplicate a UID'
Fix PlayoutONE would crash if there were no logs scheduled and the machine was left On Air for more than 1 hour.
Fix When deselecting Music1, PlayoutONE would not show you all categories.
Fix Oversweeps would not re-calculate if you were swapping out with an already fully oversweeped oversweep.
Fix Edit audio window would prevent you from normalising a file for a second time.
Fix Playlist in Standard wouldn't auto start if set to in certain circumstances.
Fix Prevented UIDs in WebVT® from having spaces in them.
Fix The media finder would not remember it's state on a second screen.
Fix PlayoutONE Pro would sometimes crash if it ran out of logs.
Fix Oversweeps would not re-calculate if you hard deleted an item from the log.
Fix PlayoutONE would sometimes allow you to duplicate the same UID.
Fix When changing a Parent Rotate Carts UID, the child carts would not follow.
Fix Monitor would crash if you closed it using ALT+F4
Fix The edit audio window would not cue to the Trim In marker.
Fix Corrupt recordings in WebVT® would cause the upload stack to stop uploading.
New On Air Controls now hide for 7 days if you hide them using the button in WebVT®.
New View Only of hours has been made more obvious.
New PlayoutONE Pro & Standard have a new Mix Player for playing items away from the log and playlist.
New PlayoutONE Pro users can now 'Unresolve' an hour of rotates.
New There is a new command to fade a hotkey from external commands.
New Highlighting more than one item in the log now shows the total lenth of those selected items on the bottom of the log in PlayoutONE PRO.
New The 'Add Rotate UID', 'Insert UID' and 'Replace UID' functions have been upgraded to the new media finder.
New Commands now added for full control over the players. This allows users to externally control the players using Pause, Recue, Play, Fade and Eject.
New Nexus Integration with Music Master API
Fix Bulk changer would sometimes crash PlayoutONE when selecting lots of items.
Fix Hook Next UID length was limited to 4 characters
Fix Hook Next Browser didn't actually do anything.
Fix Station whiteboard and Hour Notes in WebVT® would trigger a recording when pressing Spacebar.
Fix Issue inserting items into log from the Media Finder that UIDs are alpha numeric.
Fix Dayparted items within the a Rotator were not getting sent to the back of the stack.
Fix When restoring deleted items in the playlist, if the item that didn't have an airtime, when reintroduced to be played it didn't get an assigned player either.
Fix When using a cue sheet, the cue sheet would remain on the player until PlayoutONE was restarted.
Fix The AutoUID routine would sometimes take time to get the next available UID.
New The duck threshold (for detecting when to duck) is now cofigurable in settings.
New Playlist items in WebVT® now have a preview icon on them.
New Standard and Pro now have the option to auto duck audio live when VTing.
New In Pro, you now have the ability to lock and unlock a range of hours from being overwritten in Auto Importer.
New You can now have softmarkers respect drop rules from RunToTime in Pro. This allows you to not drop certain items with a softmarker.
New There is an option to quick record into a quick key.
New Quick Keys can now be globally assigned to a sound device.
New Network Player for playing network splits. This can be assigned to it's own audio device.
New Light & Dark Mode for both Standard & Pro can be set in themeing. Refreshed design and launcher also.
New Remote Progress Player, for controlling the on air machine from another terminal.
New Cue Mark for PlayoutONE Pro allows remote Play Next commands to cue to a specific point in the log (for Satellite & Remote shows with remote starts)
Fix When exporting audio from the media finder the album field now contains the album information from the database rather than PlayoutONE Meta Data.
New On Air / Off Air button can now be disabled or enabled for certain machines for PlayoutONE Pro.
New Auto Importer has been redesgined to match the rest of the PlayoutONE Suite.

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