Version 4.4

Version 4.4 November 2019
New WebVT® now gives Multi Station sites, a new login screen to choose the correct station.
New WebVT® Station whiteboard can now be edited within PlayoutONE settings
New WebVT® hour notes and station whiteboard can be seen within PlayoutONE.
New RDS TA flag can now be set to be delayed within Monitor when disabling.
New Changed the Quickkeys so that the name and grid layout can only be changed by clicking the edit button.
New Quickeys has a new 'Cue' option to cue the quick keys onto the cue device.
New RunToTime option to ignore the drop rule.
New Command to launch external programs from PlayoutONE
New 12 Hour view mode for regions using 12 hour format across all apps. In WebVT® 12 hour mode can be set from the admin login in settings.
New On Air Swap command. This allows handing off to another PlayoutONE terminal automatically. Example - swapping from studio to racks computer automatically.
New WebVT® now shows the next hour ahead (read only).
Fix Segue editor wasn't always showing the correct fade pattern.
Fix AutoDJ wasn't always calculating the average length on long items.
Fix Pausing a quick key and then deleteting it doesn't clear the quick key on the grid.
Fix Swapping items on the playlist using the swap command would allow swapping the current playing item.
Fix Socket Api on occasions would not enable.
Fix WebVT® on air controls could sometimes cause PlayoutONE to crash.
Fix AutoID was not always working in Mass Importer and Edit Audio window.
Fix Using back and forward buttons on the seuge editor would somtimes cause PlayoutONE to hang.
Fix AutoFill in Multi Station mode wouldn't fill.
Fix Deleting a breaknote would reset the segue points when voice tracking.
Fix Quick Keys would not remember their last positon if on a second screen.
Fix WebVT® would sometimes distort Mono voice tracks.
Fix If multiple items were selected in the media finder, making a search would sometimes cause PlayoutONE to crash.
Fix In WebVT®, titles and Artists with HTML entities were not showing properly.
Fix Filtering in the media finder would sometimes not show certain items.
Fix PlayoutONE Keyboard control re-designed into a new keyboard application that runs separately in the windows tray.
Fix If PlayoutONE was connected to a screen with HDMI audio, when the screen went to sleep it would cause PlayoutONE to crash.
Fix In WebVT®, the VT prefix has been restricted to alpha character only.
Fix The segue editor was not showing RunToTime early fades for future items.
Fix The PlayoutONE keyboard could somtimes catch the Quick Key names box and change the name.
Fix The TrimOut was not always being reset on new items imported through the edit audio window.
Fix If starting PlayoutONE Pro without internet, the grace mode box was not clickable due to a window hiding behind it.

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