Version 4.2

Version 4.2 September 2019
New Quickeys have been re-designed to give customizable pages, colours & commands
New WebVT® brings OnAir Controls to users who have the privilege enabled.
New Monitor for Pro now is responsible for Now Playing data direct from the Datbase rather than from the billboard.txt file. This gives quicker and more reliable updates of Now Playing.
Fix Importing new audio in PlayoutONE caused Early Extro to be set to the TrimOut instead of Extro
Fix Issue in PlayoutONE Pro where if a marker was reached early it would stop the playout.
Fix In Standard when you Voice track the song you've VT'd out of, it's Length would go to 0
Fix Issue where the PLAY UID command was always be playing on player 1.
Fix AutoDJ in Standard wasn't rotating tracks properly. Applied new ordering system.
Fix On some occasions, the Trim Out wasn't being reset to the duration of new audio being imported.
Fix Tempo Issue in WebVT® where negative tempos caused visual issues
Fix MultiStation not showing correct Category in Playlist
New If Monitor isn't running for PlayoutONE Pro setups, then a warning is now shown in PlayoutONE.
New Any item now being made a split from the playlist has a default command of PLAY UID
New In ASIO mode, only ASIO devices are now shown. Direct Sound has been removed from PlayoutONE.
New FileCopy has a new option to browse for a file in Multi FTP Download mode.
New Rotate carts can now be shuffled after X amount of plays.
New LiveStream has a new option to use the raw feed rather than the feed from the DSP or VST.
New Option to hide meta data save warnings in PlayoutONE Pro.
New Monitor has a new bandwith throttle setting (IPG) to help with moving backup audio and cached audio on slower networks.
New PlayoutONE Pro has an option to use a new Fade Manager (FM). When enabled, RunToTime is effectively calculated on every segue.

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