Version 4.1

Version 4.1 July 2019
New PlayoutONE has a new option to use 'Sequential UID'. This gets the next UID available from the start of the media finder rather finding the next UID after the last item in the media finder.
New Introduction of WebVT® for PlayoutONE Pro.
New Introduction of Multi Station. You can now create multiple stations that all share the same media finder.
New Meta Cue Sheets can now be created from mixdown files which allows the meta data to transfer to other PlayoutONE systems upon playback.
New Rotates, Dayparts & Start / Stop dates can now be mass applied from the bulk editor
New Rotates can now be chosen how far in the future to resolve.
New LiveStream can now be set to delay sending meta data.
Fix Cart Chunk markers were not being read correctly in the edit audio window.
Fix Auto Importer on some occasions was not locking the on air hour.
New Rotates, Dayparts & Start / Stop dates can now be mass applied from the bulk editor
New Rotates can now be shuffled after a set amount of plays.
New Option to ignore DayPart restriction for Playback within PlayoutONE.
New PlayoutONE has a new marker ('Fillmarker') which allows you to specific where songs that are added by RunToTime are placed.
New Export Data option now contains Human Time fields
New LiveStream logger can now split into user defined timed segments
New FileCopy has new option on record audio to export a timed segment of the recording
New Monitor has new MetaData outputs for Jump2Go
New Option to export audio between trim points
Fix Issue where segue editor was clipping audio
Fix Issue when soft deleting lots of items in PlayoutONE Pro
New PlayoutONE Pro can be run in 'Isolation Mode' which allows rebooting of the Server whilst keeping PlayoutONE running.
New FileCopy can now warn when a FTP job doesn't download the correct number of files.
New Kill dates can now be applied to items in the Media Finder (Pro Only).
Fix Recording in the edit audio window was not saving in the correct format.
New Monitor has support for Audessence and Innovonics RDS encoders.
New Monitor can talk to No-IP DNS updater.
New Command Markers can now be attached to audio within PlayoutONE to trigger commands at designated points within playback.
New Print playlist now has an option to show colours like the playlist.
Fix The LoadPlaylist command in Standard would not work if you had a friendly name assigned to it.
Fix Window positions were not always being saved within PlayoutONE.
Fix In AutoDJ, specifying a specific UID would not always work.
Fix EarlyNext was sometimes incorrectly being calculated in PlayoutONE Pro.
Fix In PlayoutONE Standard the incorrect ducking was being applied in the Mixdown.
Fix LiveStream would not send accented characters to the meta data.
Fix PlayoutONE Pro would sometimes show the wrong table header in the edit audio window when adding a rotate.
Fix Replace UID in PlayoutONE Pro was on occasions not working.
Fix Recording in the Edit Audio window wasn't always recording in full quality.
Fix The RunToTime command has been refined to be quicker at processing the next hour.
Fix Various SQL Database tweaks and improvements to enhance performance.

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