Version 3.34

Version 3.34 15th November 2018
Fix Marker Change. In PlayoutONE standard if you edited a Marker (Hit or Soft) then the date would default to NOW rather than the date of the marker.
New LiveStream now supports VST Plugins.
New PlayoutONE now allows you to right click on the media finder and playlist and play an item from 'ONEPlayer'. ONEPlayer is stand alone from PlayoutONE and is useful when you need to upgrade PlayoutONE and play a media source from another program. This was usually Window Media Player!
New PlayoutONE Pro has a new command to play the hooks of items coming up in the playlist automatically (HookNext)
Fix Redundant setting removed (Lock Title & Artist)
New PlayoutONE Pro has a new command to play Time & Temperature announcements
New PlayoutONE Monitor has the option to sign up to the OpenWeatherMap service for weather information
New PlayoutONE Pro has a new stop symbol for the chain column in the log.
Fix When using SWAP Command in PlayoutONE Pro in an hour other than than the on air hour, the air times would not update.
Fix Spacebar is now only active once you have started voice tracking. Previously it would trigger the start of voice tracking.
New AutoImporter can now import into a rotate cart. (PlayoutONE Pro only)
Fix Notes and Commands can not have their type changed from the log.
New LiveStream now has an option to play emergency file to an output on the sound card
New Rotation History grid in PlayoutONE now shows the current hour with a border
New PlayoutONE Pro has a replace from same artist button
New PlayoutONE Pro has a replace from same category button
New PlayoutONE Pro now shows the category in the log.
Fix AutoDJ Multi Cut Copy & Paste now working.
New PlayoutONE Pro can now send social media posts to Facebook & Twitter
Fix PlayoutONE Segue Editor was incorrectly marking songs as stop if you segued into them.
New PlayoutONE Pro HeadUp Display now shows intro time.
New Music1 integration now much more robust thanks to Type settings.
New PlayoutONE Pro has a new command to send an email to specified recipients.
New The Media Finder in PlayoutONE now shows a note icon which can be double clicked to expand item notes if present.
New FileCopy has new GUI
New FileCopy now has the option to schedule a file record job and export to AutoImporter.
New Serial Data Receiver has new GUI
New Monitor has new GUI
Fix When turning off editing abilities, PlayoutONE Pro was still allowing access to edit audio from the playlist.
Fix When deleting items from PlayoutONE, peak files were not being removed.
Fix Multi Select Cut wasn't working in PlayoutONE Pro
Fix Users could add punctuation and spaces to the UID field.
Fix Assigned players routine wasn't assigning players if you deleted the whole hour
Fix PlayoutONE Mass Importer was reseting file count back to 0 after 500
New AutoDJ now has colours in the template window
Fix PlayoutONE Segue Editor wasn't respecting Soft Deleted Item in PlayoutONE Pro
New Right click option in the log to show history for that specific item
New LiveStream was skipping audio after 2 hours in WASAPi mode.
New LiveStream was slowing audio down in Mono mode.
New Monitor now has a meta data schedule tool.
New Serial Data Receiver has the option to only act upon serial commands depending on time and day of week.
New Serial Data Receiver can alert via email should a command not have been received within a specific time period
New Remote Voice Tracker has new method of comparing files which is more reliable.
New FileCopy can have jobs remotely started and stopped via IP command
New PlayoutONE has new API for requesting data over IP
New PlayoutONE Monitor silence detector overhaul.
New PlayoutONE Auto Importer, LiveStream and Serial Data Receiver can all send emails via PlayoutONE Monitor, meaning 1 set of SMTP details in Monitor only.
New AutoImporter now has new detection for Early Extro in PlayoutONE Pro.

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