Version 3.11

Version 3.11    16th June 2018
New LiveStream v3. DSP can now be turned or or off using the tick on the top right hand corner of the dsp row.
Fix LiveStream v3.ASIO right channel wasn't saving sound card selection in some cases
Fix FileCopy. Folder selection would sometimes return a true or a false instead of the folder output
Fix RVT. Profile switch wasn't always returning the correct profile.
Fix PlayoutONE. Segue editor sometimes wasn't displaying the correct segues.
Fix PlayoutONE. When saving a cart with no audio PlayoutONE would use the last cart saved and save it on the cart with no audio.
Fix PlayoutONE. Auto Trim and Auto Exro settings were not saving in the settings menu.
New PlayoutONE. Option under VoiceTrack tab to purge old voice tracks (Requires Monitor to be running)
New AutoImporter. GES and Broadnet integration

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