Version 3.0

Version 3 1st June 2018
New LiveStream v3. Multiple encoder support with AAC+, AAC, MP3, OGG. Audio Logging with automatic deletion of files older than a certain date. Silence detector with automatic failover to a silence file. Full DSP Support.
New PlayoutONE now only supports Microsoft SQL Server. Microsoft Access is no longer supported.
Fix PlayoutONE would sometimes not auto start on startup.
New PlayoutONE audio wall has been replaced with the 'Media Finder'
Fix PlayoutONE license code could not be altered within PlayoutONE.
Fix PlayoutONE audio engine had an issue with some M4A's. We took the decision to convert any M4a to Mp3 on import. PlayoutONE however can still import M4A.
New PlayoutONE has a new command 'Play Quickkey X'. This allows you fire a quick key from the log. X denotes the quick key number.
New PlayoutONE has a new command called 'FadeStop' which allows you to fade the current item and stop PlayoutONE.
New Voice, Command and Note types have been hard coded in settings
New PlayoutONE playlist editor icon has changed to match the top bar.
Fix PlayoutONE Segue Editor sometimes would not save the amended segue.
New PlayoutONE Voice Tracking has been re-written for greater speed and stability.
New PlayoutONE has new billboard options you an add into the billboard.
Fix PlayoutONE will not save any audio without assigning a type. Items without a type will not play.
New You can now set different duck volumes on different types.
New When Remote Voice Tracking in PlayoutONE you now see a much friendlier date for the playlist you've requested.
New You can now alter a type of a cart directly from the log.
New You can now set any player with a chain set to STOP to flash to warn you.
Fix AutoDJ wasn't counting commands in the pre-defined commands window. Now it does
New VB-Audio Banana mixer support.
New If importing a file from another PlayoutONE you get the option to use the embedded meta data.
New Global options to Trim Silence on each import and also find extro.
Fix Mass importer would only let you import 10 files at a time.
New When splits are connected a STOP button appears on the top blue bar so you can stop whatever is playing on the splits
New Right click option in the log to STOP EVERYTHING.
New RVT option to purge out old voice tracks.
New Monitor meta data outputs to Omnia, LiveStream, FMB80, Deva RDS,
New Auto Importer V3 allows multiple importer and setting of file data up on import.
New Traffic Merging with Auto Importer V3
New Right clicking on the headphone button now gives you the last 10 seconds of the selected audio track in PlayoutONE.

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