Version 2.0

Version 2.0       January 2017
Fix CP1 would crash if you opened the RVT menu but hadn’t run the RVT app first.
Fix Hit markers would not be acted upon if they entered the command sequencer early.
Fix P1 would enter trial mode if you clicked cancel on the license screen within the program.
Fix Timers on a cart would flash if you clicked the recue button without anything in them.
New Beta released.
Fix Chain command wasn’t working on commands.
Fix Mass importer would stop if you minimised P1.
Fix Bookmarks would not reset if you cleared the filter.
New Added friendly date to the top of date playlists.
Fix Oversweeps were not firing correctly if you had intro’s set before Trim In’s.
New Bulk tool to fix intros set before trim in markers.
Fix Popup box that would prompt to save a playlist when committing a new segue in the segue editor.
Fix Bulk normalise now adds meta data.
Fix ‘Double click to play’ is stored as a setting.
New Added new option in type manager to specify which items the RunToTime command can drop.
New Added logging to see why the setting menu sometimes take a while to open.
New Segue Editor re-design with new right click to play, and fade / non fade tick boxes.
New SQL Compatibility. PlayoutONE can now be used with Microsoft SQL.
New Voice track ducking and type ducking. Set ducking on the item you want to enforce ducking on other items. E.G to make songs play quieter underneath voice tracks, tick ducking on voice tracks.
New Oversweeps are now defaulted to Not Fade in the player to stop them fading out.
Fix Settings menu would sometimes take a long time to open.
New Button to access the playlist editor (formerly creator) from the toolbar.
New PPM Meters. These can be shown on screen to see the levels out of PlayoutONE.
New Hotkey design.
New Control surface. Gives you big Play and Toggle button. Right click on the keyboard icon to show.
New Connected Splits. Shows which splits are connected.
New Chain and Fade box is now activated by double clicking rather than single click in the Player.
New Mixdown Markers. Allows you to place multiple markers in the playlist. PlayoutONE will then mixdown each part automatically and output to a folder and filename of your choice. CTRL M inserts the markers.
New Playlist history window now auto refreshes.
Fix ‘Allow Playlist Update’ setting was updating everything on the playlist rather than just the item with the option ticked on it.
New Lots of background optimisation work to make loading players and playlists quicker (SQL).
Fix When using the mass importer if you minimised it, then it would stop the import.
Fix Mass Changer has been re-written as it would sometimes crash when looping through lots of items.
New Playlist History window refreshes and new filter options.
New In settings you can now upload a logo for the main PlayoutONE bar, and also for the playlist report.
New Automation Command. This when switched, instructs PlayoutONE to ignore any unchained items.
New Title Bar now contains the Station name and Slogan.
Fix RunToTime command would destroy and previous segues setup including VoiceTracks.
New StreamFade command. This allows a stream to be faded instead of just stopped.
New Calendar week shows at top of the blue bar.
New Direct Sound replaced with WASAPI audio protocol. This brings support for 7.1 Soundcards.
New Option to display a warning if you are about to unload the on air log. This setting can be turned on in settings.
New Warning when loading logs into the main playlist. Option to turn this on is in settings.
New Stop button to clear and eject the PlayoutONE Cart Players and stop the log.
New TimeStretch Start & End Marker to time stretch items in a block to a set duration.
New Option to password protect settings.
Fix Wait command wasn’t working properly in some circumstance.
New When editing a segue, copy, paste or moving items – segues will now be reset to original position.
New Option to disable audio editing features within PlayoutONE (Setting).
New Disable update message at startup.
Fix Increased size of Command Parameter window.
Fix Colours were not displaying after bookmarks used on audio library.
Fix AutoDJ wasn't always selecting items not set with a Type on PlayoutONE upgrade.
Fix Stopped SoftMarker continuing if previous item was unchained.
New We’ve changed the player waveforms for solid colour bars. This change dramatically reduces the PlayoutONE CPU usage. If  however you really like the waveforms then they can be re-enabled in the settings.
Fix Various bugs and tweaks.

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