Importing Data From A Tab Delimited Text File

Within PlayoutONE you have the ability to import data from a Tab Delimited File. This can be useful if you need to import data from another Automation or Music Scheduling system. To access the importer, right-click on the Media Finder->Import External Data

Importing Data

  1. Ensure that the file is Tab-Delimited format and that the file has column/field headers
  2. Select your file by from the Import File textbox.
  3. Click Analyse. This will analyse the file for its contents.
  4. Map each PlayoutONE Field to the relevant field in your File. Note, you must have at least the PlayoutONE UID field mapped to a relevant field in your file for PlayoutONE to import data. 
  5. If you wish to only import/update carts that already existing in PlayoutONE, enable the option 'Only Import Items If UID Already Exists In The Audio Library' tick box.
  6. To import a file, you will need to specify the filename and map it to to the PlayoutONE Filename field. If this isn't a fully qualified path, then you will also need to specify the folder the files reside in. This can be set in the Audio Folder box.
  7. When all fields have been mapped, you can save this mapping as a preset by giving the mapping a name and clicking Save Profile. This allows you to re-call the mapping at a later time.
  8. To import the data, click Do Import

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