Enable LUFS Normalisation

LUFS normalisation is available in both PlayoutONE Pro and PlayoutONE Standard. LUFS stands for Loudness Unit Full Scale and is a much more accurate way to normalise audio files. LUFS is in use by Spotify, YouTube and Apple to name just a few platforms, and to learn more read this excellent blog from Mastering The Mix. To enable LUFS in PlayoutONE Pro or Standard, follow the steps below.

  • Every time a new song is imported into PlayoutONE, it's scanned by Monitor to retrieve its LUFS value. Therefore, you need to ensure Monitor is running at all times.
  • Go to PlayoutONE->Settings->Thresholds Tab and tick the Enable LUFS Normalisation box
  • Alter the LUFS Playback level as desired. -16db is a good place to start, and you can decide whether songs overall need to be louder or quieter by altering this value. Once saved, the setting will take effect once the next item plays in PlayoutONE.
  • If you need to alter the playback volume of individual items, then you'll find a LUFS Playback in the options tab, on the edit audio window of each item. This value will differ between items depending on their perceived loudness.

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