Playlists (Standard)

PlayoutONE Standard utilizes playlists for each hour, these Playlists are stored in the Playlist folder (as setup in the Settings>General tab).

The icons at the top of the Playlist window are as follows (from Left to Right):

Name Description
Create New Playlist This allows you to clear your current playlist and start from a blank new playlist. Pressing this button will ask you to confirm this first
Load Playlist This allows you to browse for a playlist file. Pressing this button will open up a file explorer to let you choose a playlist
Save Current Playlist This allows you to save the current playlist, this will ask you to name the playlist and it will be saved to your playlists folder.
Load Next Playlist This will load the next playlist (this will look in your playlists folder for a playlist called the hour after the current hour - for example, if it was 15:58:48 it would look for the 16:00 playlist)
Find A Playlist This will display an hour calendar that allows you to easily load a certain playlist
Remove Selected Playlist Item This will allow you to delete any items that you have selected within your playlist
Tip: To select multiple items simply hold the CTRL key and click on the items you want to select
PreFade Selected Item This will allow you to hear the selected item via your Pre-Fade/Cue device (that is set in Settings>Hardware), to stop the preview simply click the icon again.
Left-clicking on this will start playback from the beginning on the track. Right-clicking on this icon will preview the last 10 seconds of the track.
Toggle Current Item End Pressing this button will change the current item's chain. If it's checked it will un-check it and vice versa. This is useful if you are approaching the end of the current song, and you wish to talk after it, pressing this button quickly allows you to change the chain.
Open Playlist Editor This will bring up another copy of a playlist editor, this is useful for creating/editing playlists in the future without affecting what is playing out on air in the current playlist.
Show Play History Information This will open the play history window, this shows the time items have played over a certain timeframe 
Play Next This will fade the current item and will play the next item in the playlist
AutoDJ The AutoDJ Controls consist of the Dropdown box which allows you to select the specific AutoDJ profile you wish to use, and the AutoDJ Checkbox, setting this to ON will enable AutoDJ and it will build a playlist based off the AutoDJ profile that is selected in the dropdown.

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