Source Tab - vCreative

vCreative provides a cloud-based collaboration platform customizable for any radio station. FileCopy can be configured to automatically ingest content from vCreative and report back when the copy has been successfully imported into PlayoutONE. vCreative metadata includes Title, Artist, UID, Start, End and Kill Dates. 

More details on vCreative can be found here

Auto Importer

FileCopy will download your vCreative content from the vCreative servers and pass to Auto Importerto automatically import into PlayoutONE. Before continuing, please make sure you have a configured a vCreative Auto Importer Profile. Minimum settings required in Auto Importer are as follows

  • Name: vCreative
  • Method: Import Specific UID
  • Normalise: Checked
  • Type: Commercials
  • Preserve: Start & End Dates


  • Once you've configured Auto Importer, Create a new FileCopy job, and select vCreative from the source tab. 
  • Enter your vCreative account details and click Test. If your credentials are authenticated then you will receive a success message. 
  • Under the Destination tab, select Auto Importer, and chose the Auto Importer profile for vCreative.
  • Under the Schedule tab, select All and set the repeat interval to 1 minute.
  • Click Add

Now, anytime vCreative makes content available, FileCopy will now automatically download the content and import into PlayoutONE with the associated metadata.

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