Configuring LiveStream with

This article helps you get connected to is PlayoutONE's own streaming service. We provide Shoutcast and Icecast streams. 

here is an example of the email sent out by when your account is created.

This email will contain your account details:

Username: Used for logging into your Control Panel via This username should not be entered into LiveStream. 

The Control Panel will provide you with the following information: 

  • Current Listeners
  • Metadata
  • Played Tracks History
  • Server Start and Stop Controls
  • Plus many more 

Admin Password: Used to login to the Control Panel with your username.

Encoder Password: Entered into LivestStream to make a connection with 

Configuring LiveStream

Click the Add Encoder button. 

this will open the Encoder Settings. Fill in the following details

  • Description: Anything you wish
  • Server Type: Shoutcast or Icecast (Depending on the server you asked for)
  • Username: Blank for Shoutcast, 'source' for Icecast
  • Server Hostname or IP:
  • Port: As shown in your email from
  • Bitrate: As shown in your email from
  • SID / Mount: Use '1' for Shoutcast or /stream for Icecast
  • Sample Rate: 44100
  • Channels: Stereo
  • Encoder Type: MP3

And that's it. The Station Details tab will need to be populated and if you're using an external DCS service. 

When finished click Save

Flip that switch to On and you're on and broadcasting!

If you see a green icon on your Encoder and you see audio being passed through the bottom VU meter then you have successfully configured PlayoutONE LiveStream with 

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