Restoring or Backing Up A SQL Database Backup

You may be required at some point to restore a SQL Backup if you have accidentally lost data and want to restore your database to a previous time or are moving your database to a new computer. To restore a backup follow the instructions below:

Take A Backup

This can be achieved by either finding your latest backup in the SQL_Backups folder which is located in your data folder usually C:\PlayoutONE\Data


  • Opening the PlayoutONE SQL Database Tool tool located in "C:\PlayoutONE\SQL_Configuration"
  • Choose Backup from the three options.
  • Select your database (usually PlayoutONE_Standard) from the DB To Backup dropdown list. 
  • Click Backup. 

The backup will then be created in "C:\MsSQL"

Restore A Backup

  • Ensure all PlayoutONE applications are closed 
  • Go to "C:\PlayoutONE\SQL_Configuration" and open the PlayoutONE SQL Database tool. 
  • Click Restore from the three options.
  • Select the database to overwrite from the Restore Into DB dropdown list (usually PlayoutONE_Standard) or create a new database by typing the name of the new database.
  • Select your backup file generated in Step1. 
  • Click Restore.
Note: Restoring a SQL Backup won't bring back any deleted audio files but it will give you the data

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