Version 4.9

Version 4.9 March 2021
New WebVT Triple Stack now has an overall gain setting.
New You can now add a note item directly into the log from within WebVT
New You can now specify Rotate Rules to prevent certain child items from being picked depending on category and type.
New PlayoutONE now supports the LUFS normalisation.
New Pressing SHIFT whilst clicking the Cue button for a specific marker in the edit audio window now jumps you 5 seconds before the marker.
New A new missing audio icon will be shown on the log should audio be missing from PlayoutONE.
New New setting under the log tab within PlayoutONE to enable Automation automatically when the next item is started.
New New command to enable or disable the processing of Hit and Soft Markers.
New Items can now be set to use their own custom colour instead of the type colour. These can also be changed on mass in bulk operations.
New When a new version of PlayoutONE is available, an alert will be displayed on the top bar instead of in the form of a pop up on startup.
New If LiveStream detects a DNS change it will automatically drop and reconnect the encoder.
New New Synchronise Audio tick box in edit audio window to prevent or allow audio to be synchronised by the ONESynchroniser.
New The Missing Audio report has been overhauled to give more information and can now also be run from WebVT.
New PlayoutONE Monitor has been rewritten completely and now supports Multi Station.
New WebVT now includes LiveMIC, which allows users to broadcast live through the Web Browser. This also requires a new application (PlayoutONE Studio Monitor) to be installed on the PC in the studio.
New The audio history graph has been refined.
New Start and End dates can now be seen in the Media Finder as well as in the Rotate Selection window.
New WebVT now shows a timeline in the segue editor to show accurate timing information.
New WebVT now has jump buttons to take you to the next or previous voice track position (must be configured in Admin settings)
New WebVT has had a design overhaul. Some settings have now been moved to the newly created 'Launcher' similar to PlayoutONE.
New WebVT now shows any item notes.
New New WebVT users now have to have a minimum password length.
New Within WebVT you can now sync to a position on the log like in PlayoutONE.
New Hook Next now supports fading of hooks to make transitions smoother.
New Isolation Mode can now be automatically activated in PlayoutONE should there be a server failure.
New New report available in WebVT (Schedule Report) which gives an hour by hour breakdown of logs scheduled in PlayoutONE.
New WebVT now gives access to PlayoutONE Monitor Status.
New Predefined commands can now be inserted into the Log from within WebVT.
New WebVT offers the user the option to choose which columns are displayed in the Media Finder and Log.
New WebVT now reads in metadata from the Artist and Title fields when added through WebVT.
New When you permanently delete more than 1 item from the log, you'll now see a warning.
New Auto Importer can now update locked items in the Log that are either side of a voice track.
New Duck settings are now station-specific.
New WebVT now allows you to set the Early Extro in the edit audio window.
New A new Music Master tab now appears in PlayoutONE if you have the Music Master Nexus integration enabled.
New New option in Export Data within PlayoutONE to export a Synchroniser file to be used with ONESynchroniser.
New WebVT countdown box now flashes when the item is not set to Chain.
New On Air Controls within WebVT and On-Air Dashboard now show Wait Commands and Hook Next status.
New Rotates can now be resolved and unresolved for a date range within PlayoutONE.
New Hours can now be locked within WebVT manually.
New New option in Bulk Operations to reset hooks positions.
New FileCopy has support for vCreative.
New FileCopy has support for copying an existing PlayoutONE UID onto a new UID.
New PlayoutONE now supports Stretch Filling. Typically used for commercial breaks where the target duration must be met. PlayoutONE can fill these breaks if they are short.
New With PlayoutONE Monitor changes, unlimited now playing endpoints can be created per station.
New PlayoutONE Monitor supports the option to display Dynamic Meta on Now Playing when nothing is playing.
New PlayoutONE Monitor can monitor hard drives for free space.
New PlayoutONE Monitor can now monitor the backup directory without actually doing the backing up. Useful if you use another tool to do the backup, but want Monitor to monitor the directory sizes.
New FileCopy now has an option to only run a job based on a certain DayPart.
New PlayoutONE has had a number of design improvements.
New New Application called Studio Monitor. Typically will live on a machine away from the Server and monitors application running locally. Reports back to PlayoutONE Monitor and is also used to deliver LiveMIC.
New LiveStream and Studio Monitor can send audio levels to PlayoutONE Monitor to use with Silence Detection.
New Lots of enhancements and improvements across all applications.
New PlayoutONE Pro now support cueing of audio items.
Fix Log window in PlayoutONE used to claim focus and pop up every time a new item played.
Fix Rotates in the Media Finder would not show a length, even if one was set.
Fix When screen resolution goes from small to large and PlayoutONE is running then the audio and log screens don't reapportion the correct amount of rows
Fix User hour restrictions in WebVT didn't extend to social publishing
Fix WebVT Audit Log in PlayoutONE showing the times in UTC not Local
Fix Mix Player didn't support Announce Temp and Announce Time
Fix Startup after 10 seconds not working if PlayoutONE was in LiveAssist.
Fix Up and Down arrow keys didn't work on the Log or Media Finder in some instances.
Fix Livestream, Monitor and FileCopy now store audio devices using Windows Name rather than ID to prevent the incorrect device being chosen after Windows Update.
Fix Audio Buffer would sometimes overflow in LiveStream resulting in skips and pops.
Fix Kill Dates were not being taken into account when resolving rotates.
Fix Snippets were not able to be edited once created.
Fix Stretch Start now will not work unless a Stretch End is found.
Fix WebVT Multi Stations were not looking to the main settings for the audio and data locations.
Fix When adding a .m4a track if convert M4A is set to "Convert M4A to WAV" metadata is not read from the file
Fix LiveStream logging into X segments was not obeyed if changed until next restart.
Fix Items added by RunToTime were not showing with a different coloured notes icon.
Fix Assign Players routine was not recalled if a rotate was resolved in the expected player's range.
Fix Double Clicking on the History grid wouldn't take you to that point in the log.
Fix Gap Times were not being reported correctly in WebVT.
Fix When adding a social post in WebVT, if you deleted and re-added the same txt re-appears as before.
Fix General WebVT performance increases.
Fix RunToTime would sometimes drop too many songs, putting the hour under.
Fix Refresh Oversweeps command causing user adjusted segued items which are part of an oversweep to be un-adjusted
Fix When saving a SocialPost as a command, if over 255 characters, it will load into the command window, but the command won't save.
Fix Editing a segue in PlayoutONE or WebVT wouldn't update the gap time straight away until the next segue happened.
Fix RunToTime wouldn't work if there was only one item after it in the log.
Fix Selecting Mono didn't downmix properly on encoder and logging in LiveStream
Fix Stretch Start and End commands still worked even if soft-deleted.
Fix Setting Hooks in WebVT didn't always save.
Fix Hooks would sometimes play twice in Mix Player.
Fix RunToTime wouldn't update air times right away when run.
Fix WebVT Whiteboard wouldn't update unless you refreshed your browser.
Fix SQL Trigger fixed so that it doesn't allow blank UIDs to be processed causing Commands.& Hour Start Markers to be blanked.
Fix 'Only allow user to see certain categories' within WebVT would prevent users from seeing items not part of any categories also.
Fix Recycle bin in PlayoutONE would restore all items even though you selected just one item.
Fix Adding Unicode filenames to Mass Importer using Add Folder doesn't see the proper filenames and replaces them with ??????
Fix PlayoutONE Monitor would not tidy up all SQL data when deleting a Multistation
Fix When pressing the space key and recording a voice track on WebVT, if you were not clicked on the Segue Editor the log would scroll down.
Fix Media Finder wouldn't refresh automatically if you were looking at a Multistation.
Fix Importing item with Cart Chunk Markers through edit audio window would sometimes cause an issue.
Fix Long Items in WebVT (Such as Log Notes) would have the titles cut off.
Fix Monitor was not always emptying the recycle bin.
Fix Monitor would delete voice tracks from Standard as soon as they were recorded.
Fix Monitor metadata would on occasion stop with Standard.
Fix WebVT On Air Controls and LiveMIC do not respect user permissions
Fix When replacing an item in the log that has missing audio = 1 the flag was not cleared.
Fix An issue in Pro with multi selecting on a log when running on a foreign language machine with commas for decimal points.
Fix Search Box doesn't focus on the first click when you've selected an item on the log
Fix When preventing Hard Deletes in PlayoutONE Pro, the right-click option on the side menu wasn't greyed out.
Fix PlayoutONE Standard inserts two copies of a command if the command is the final entry the playlist config in AutoDJ and Build Full Profile is turned off.
Fix Various quick keys were not dipping volume when instructed by WebVT
Fix Sequential UID was broken but is now fixed.
Fix Switching Cueing on causes underrun of around 3 seconds on an hour.
Fix The isolation Mode Button wasn't enabling in 4.0.319
Fix Changing Cue Device isn't recognised by PlayoutONE Standard when voice tracking.
Fix Various Monitor fixes to do with Metadata outputs.

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