Template Builder (PlayoutONE)

PlayoutONE Pro contains a basic template builder to help you build templates for Satellite and Network shows where a music log is not needed. 

Accessing The Template Builder

PlayoutONE Support will need to activate the Template Builder for your station. Once done, you should see the Template Builder within the PlayoutONE Launcher

Creating A Template

Once you've accessed the template builder, you can then choose to create a new template. To do this click the Edit Template button on the bottom right of the Template Builder Assignments window. 

You'll then be presented with the template builder as shown below.

1. Template List. From here you can choose a template to edit. You can also duplicate a template by changing its name and clicking the Save button (9)

2. Deletes the selected template

3. Makes a new blank template. 

4. Builds the template with the Lock Hour parameter set. This prevents anything from overwriting the template after it's been built such as Auto Importer.

5. Back Colour for the template assignments grid.

6. Text Colour for the template assignments grid.

7. Adds a new template line 

8. Deletes the selected template line.

9. Saves the template. 

Adding Items To A Template

Choose your template and then click the Add New Line button (7). 

This will add a new line position to the template. Once you have a new line you can then choose to populate it with either:

1. UID (Title will be automatically prefilled)
2. Command. Choose from a list of available command and edit (E.g.TrafficMerge Start and Traffic Mergen End)
3. Predefined Command. Choose from a list of commands that you've made previously (E.g turning on a specific satellite channel or switcher)
4. Type. Anything from the selected type will be scheduled.
5. Category. Anything from the selected category will be scheduled (You must also select a type to ensure rules are obeyed.)
6. Alt Category. Anything from the selected alt category will be scheduled (You must also select a type to ensure rules are obeyed.)

Please note, that when selecting using Type, Category and Alt Category the rules that the template builder will obey are based on the type rules in the type manager.

To move items around in the template builder, drag the position column to where you want the new line to be.

Scheduling Templates

Add the templates you wish to be scheduled onto the Templates Assignments grid. 

When ready to schedule, choose the Start and End dates from the calendar. 

Click the Build button to start generating the templates based on the assignments grid. You can also Unschedule by clicking the Unschedule button.

If you wish for Traffic Logs to be imported after a template has been rescheduled then select the Auto Importer Traffic profile and tick the Import Traffic checkbox.

To have PlayoutONE auto-schedule the templates each day then tick the Auto Build box.

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