Setting up a fader in Audio Router

To set up a fader you first click on the Edit Faders button from the main console screen.

This will then open up the main faders editor. From here you can add, edit, delete and duplicate.

You can modify the fader positions by using the Move Up and Move Down buttons to shift their positions.

When you add or edit a fader you will get the same option screen. You just need to make your changes here.


This is what appears on the main console for this fader.

Unique ID

Each fader is given a unique number from 1 to 100. You cannot have two faders with the same unique ID. It's this number that is used by the incoming remote commands to identify which fader to control.


The colour of the fader.

Device Type

This is the type of device you want to access the audio devices on. Options are Direct Sound, WASAPI and ASIO.


The devices available to the Device Type selected. This is a list of input devices. You won't see any output devices on this list.

ASIO Left Channel and ASIO Right Channel

If you choose ASIO as your Device Type then you will get these extra options to determine which channels from the ASIO input you want to use.

When you are happy with the settings just click Save.

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