Extending your PlayoutONE Standard trial

If you are currently trialling PlayoutONE Standard, our support team can help you extend your trial period for an additional 20 days at their discretion.

All you need to do is email Aiir Support with your PlayoutONE Standard seed code, which can be easily found using our Trial Extension utility.

🔍 Finding your installation seed code

To find your seed code, download the 'PlayoutONE Trial Extension.exe' utility by clicking here.

Once downloaded, run the application from your Downloads folder.

Your virus scanner may ask you to allow the file or warn you that there is a problem with the file. It is perfectly fine to ignore this message.

When the program opens, you will be presented with a long seed code:

Click 'Copy' and send the code to our support team.

⏱️ Requesting a trial extension

You can either email this code to support@aiir.com, or click the help beacon on the lower-right corner of this page.

Let us know why you need your trial license extended by another 20 days, and make sure to provide the installation seed exactly as provided in the application.

Once we receive your code, we will extend your trial and confirm the extension via email.

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