Reimporting music or traffic logs

If you need to reimport / reuse a music log or traffic log in PlayoutONE Pro you'll need to follow these steps:

  1. Find the Auto Importer 'Import' folder. This will be located on your server usually at C:\PlayoutONE\Import or D:\PlayoutONE\Import.
  2. Within the music logs or traffic log folder will be an 'Imported' and 'Failed' folder. Open the 'Imported' folder.
  3. Find the log you would like to reuse. Logs are labelled by year, month then day (for example, 20240927.dpl for music or 20240927.tpl for traffic logs).

    Music logs from Music 1 may also contain the the hour (in a 24-hour clock format) on the end. For example, 2024092715.dpl for 3pm or 2024092703.dpl for 3am.

  4. If you just need to reimport the log again, you can simply copy the log file out of the imported folder into the music logs or traffic logs folder.

    Auto Importer will then move the log once imported to the 'Failed' and 'Imported' folder again.

    If you need to use the log file for a different date, rename the file and then copy to the music logs or traffic logs folder.

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