Version 4.10

Version 4.10 November 2021
New Both PlayoutONE Pro and Standard now have the option to backup the main PlayoutONE Data folder to Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft One Drive through PlayoutONE Monitor. Cloud backup retains 10 revisions of files backed up. All revisions can also be restored at any time through the cloud backup dashboard within PlayoutONE Monitor.
New Rescue Files. When turned on, PlayoutONE Pro will automatically download audio files for any missing scheduled content in the log from the local or cloud backup.
New Ransomware Protection. When enabled in PlayoutONE Monitor, if 5% of audio files change within 60 seconds, then the ransomware alert will be triggered. When the Ransomware protection alert is triggered an email will be sent and all backups will be suspended until the alert is cleared. 
New Auto Importer has a new placeholder DATETIME_FILE_LASTMODIFIED
New Auto Importer has a new option to Disable WaveTag Reader which disabled the reading of any meta data from within audio tags.
New FileCopy can now be set to copy files from a folder after a set Date and Time.
New PlayoutONE Monitor now has an option for Pro customers to use a Standby Server. Contact support to set this up.
New Data Controller has a new Simulate button to simulate an incoming command.
New Template builder now restricts auto build of profiles to one specific machine.
New Template builder can now share templates with other stations.
New Auto Importer can be told to check for any Templates scheduled and schedule them instead of importing the hour from the music log.
New FileCopy can now launch external programs.
New Data Controller now supports Broadcast Tools 16.4 switcher natively. 
New Template Builder now support multiple assignment grids.
New Template Builder automatically detects Daylight Savings.
New Template Builder profiles can now be exported and imported between systems.
New FileCopy now has a new placeholder to deal with files where an Auto Increment is required. This only works at present for files being processed under the Multiple Files section.
New PlayoutONE now has a new widget for Canadian Content. This can be enabled in Station Settings within PlayoutONE Monitor. 
New PlayoutONE now has an option to mark a song as Canadian Content. Songs marked as Canadian Content display a Maple Leaf in the log.
New The category manager in PlayoutONE now supports a category code for syncing with Music Master.
New Auto Importer allows you to filter out types that have expired from the Missing Copy Report.
New Auto Importer has a new exclusion to exclude files with a certain number of characters in the filename.
New Auto Importer has a new exclusion to exclude files of certain file extension.
New WebVT LiveMIC now support stereo sending at 128kbps.
New PlayoutONE in conjunction with FileCopy has the ability to playback a recording that is still in progress. 
New PlayoutONE Pro now has an option to send an alert via email, if an item is scheduled to play, but has expired due to DateTime restrictions.
New PlayoutONE Pro has a new option to prevent a Hard Delete in the log.
Fix When MusicONE removed a category or type it could break the media finder in WebVT.
Fix FileCopy FTP uploads would sometimes not work due to a missing SSL Security option.
Fix When an item was soft deleted in the PlayoutONE Pro log, the Missing Audio icon would appear sometimes.
Fix The Snippets Load command would not work in some occasions.
Fix The WebVT Browser 'Clear Cache' would sometimes show an error message.
Fix PlayoutONE Monitor would sometimes crash due to high memory usage.
Fix When Mixing down in PlayoutONE there was a miss calculation for segue times between voice tracks.
Fix FileCopy would stop running on occasion due to high memory usage. 
Fix FileCopy would sometimes not retain all information in the multiple files section.
Fix Modifying a Quick Key pages row or column count would sometimes not save.
Fix WebVT would not insert into the log any item that had an underscore in its UID.
Fix WebVT voice track notes would not save for Multi Stations.
Fix Template Builder wasn't building hit and soft markers with the date and time on them.
Fix The Stretch Start command was calculating Soft Deleted items and missing audio items as part of its calculation.
Fix Rotators were able in some instances to be added as child items to other rotators.
Fix PlayoutONE would not follow the log on occasion when a command was being actioned.
Fix When using multiple monitors that don't share the same resolutions, you could end up with not enough rows on the media finder and logs.
Fix The TA flag in Monitor was not always turning off.
Fix G-Index values for Multi Stations were not part of Monitor's regular reindex operation.
Fix Renaming a Quick Key page would sometimes not work.
Fix PlayoutONE Monitor was not always purging old files from the local backup.
Fix .FCM files containing FileCopy meta data were not always generated from FileCopy if the source tab was set to folder.
Fix After a cue sheet had been processed it wasn't resetting the Dynamic Meta back to what it was prior.
Fix The Enable Isolation Checkbox could cause PlayoutONE to lock up if the isolation database was corrupt.
Fix When Data Controller processing was turned off in PlayoutONE it would not always show a Red DC Icon on the PlayoutONE top bar.
Fix Edit Audio function was not present in WebVT if the low quality version was not available.
Fix FileCopy would not download items with an asterisks in the filename for Wildcards.
Fix Jump2Go meta data output in PlayoutONE Monitor would error if commercials were not called adverts.
Fix When using the Replace from category / artist function in PlayoutONE there were not enough rows being shown.
Fix The time on kill dates was not being set correctly in PlayoutONE.
Fix Auto Importer wasn't updating the extro of items if they had %User Adjusted% on them and also if it was a single site.
Fix The media finder preview audio was on occasion being mixed into WebVT LiveMIC device.
Fix When pressing CTRL + V in a template in Template Builder, the save prompt was not showing to save changes.
Fix Template builder would not strip NOTE: from a note that was being scheduled.
Fix Pressing the Log button on FileCopy would sometimes make it crash.
Fix LiveStream encoding changed from UTF7 to UTF8 to support Greek Characters.
Fix Mixdowns in PlayoutONE would not work correctly across two hours.
Fix LiveStream would terminate incoming meta data strings after an Ampersand.
Fix Aiir meta data output fixed to support titles and artists with Ampersands.
Fix RunToTime would incorrectly put PlayoutONE Pro into automation.
Fix After duplicating a job in Auto Importer, the wrong job would be selected afterwards.
Fix Log item length and AirTime wouldn't update when you edit log items in the audio editor from within WebVT.
Fix When changing screen resolutions, the PlayoutONE Players would not resize on occasion.
Fix When syncing the log back in time, any active cart player would be stopped.
Fix When in Isolation Mode you were able to add audio to the media finder.
Fix WebVT was setting the LastEdited flag to local date time rather than UTC.
Fix The audio history grid in PlayoutONE was displaying soft deleted items.
Fix Short files were being given an incorrect LUFS value.
Fix Using a Hook Next command would not show a length in the log.
Fix WebVT would not warn against adding audio under the voice type.
Fix WebVT now respects the default chain status when dragging in new items to the log.
Fix Mixdown in PlayoutONE Standard was not taking into account the Trim In for items.
Fix Items with a Tempo set in the Edit Audio window were having their tempo set on the playlist in Standard despite the setting to enable this not being activated.
Fix You couldn't enter isolation mode whilst nothing was playing.
Fix Sometimes Nothing Found would appear in Template Builder or Auto DJ logs.
Fix When a command in the log plays, if the previous item was a fade then the fade value was not respected.
Fix Auto Importer was not sanitising the new field for Client / Advertiser. 
Fix On occasion sometimes items were not restored after being soft deleted because of expiry dates or kill dates.
Fix LiveMIC for sites with multi station would sometimes not connect.
Fix LiveMIC would lose its audio devices after a machine reboot.
Fix Copy and Pasting items within the PlayoutONE Pro log around the expected players could cause items to be skipped.
Fix Preserve DayPart was not preserving when receiving a file via PlayoutONE Synchroniser.
Fix Mixdown in PlayoutONE sometimes crashed PlayoutONE.
Fix The Microphone gain fader was not entirely accurate in the db scale. We therefore have changed to a % scale instead.
Fix Mixdowns would not perform correctly in Standard or Pro.

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