Upgrading PlayoutONE

Upgrading to PlayoutONE 4.10 is very simple and can be completed by you. 
We recommend you upgrade your system during our Support Hours (0900 - 2200 GMT & 0300 - 1800 CST) so that if you do run into any issues we can assist you quickly.

Upgrading From Version 4.9

1 Download the PlayoutONE Setup from https://playoutone.com/downloads/playoutonesetup.exe
2 Close down all of your PlayoutONE applications on all of your computers. This is very important.
3 Starting with your Server (if you have one) run the PlayoutONE Setup.
If you do not have a server and run an all in one system, then run the setup here first.
When running the setup, you just need to keep clicking 'Next' to advance through the menus. You do not need to uncheck or check any boxes. Leave them as they are.
4 When the setup on the server (or standalone machine) has finished restart the machine.
5 Once the server (or standalone) machine has rebooted, PlayoutONE Monitor should start automatically and launch all of your usual applications.
If PlayoutONE Monitor doesn't start, then run it manually from the desktop.
6 If you have additional machines running PlayoutONE, repeat the process of downloading the installer, running the setup and rebooting the PC.
7 Once happy you are back on the air, Login To WebVT as the admin account.
Click Settings, and then click the Upgrade Button. This will upgrade WebVT to the latest version. Once done, the version text on the login screen should show November 2021 or later
8 Once you have everything back up and running, if you are running Studio Monitor, restart it. 
9 Once Studio Monitor restarts, check its audio devices to make sure they are set correctly.
The Studio device should be set to VB-Cable B
The Jock/Presenter device should be set to one of your audio outputs that PlayoutONE uses 

Upgrading From Version 4.8 or lower.

Please Contact PlayoutONE Support to assist with this upgrade as it will require database structure changes.

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